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In the business world, and in the political world, French ranks among the most important languages. At the United Nations, French is one of the six official languages besides English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Spanish. Official documents are drafted in French in the EU and other organizations, such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), NATO and at the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Therefore, French translation is an in-demand Service.

Spanish-French Translations by Translation Professionals

Professional French translation not only guarantees that the translated text is correct according to grammatical rules. Other language customs, which influence comprehension of the French translation, are also factored in. Furthermore, the target audience for the text, for which you require a French translation, can also be important. For instance, special wording is often required for official documents, without knowledge of which the French translation will not turn out smoothly.

If need be, accurate expertise of the laws in the country, for which the documents are intended, is required. These are good reasons to have a French translation carried out by our professional translation Office.

Specialized French Translation

Requirements for a translation are not only dependent on the source and target language. This is also reflected in a translator’s professional education. A specialist translator is not only trained for a particular language, such as French translation, or for a certain language pair, such as Spanish-French translation. His linguistic knowledge is furthermore expanded in select areas of expertise. These French translation specializations can be additionally sub-divided into different subtleties. For instance, technical and legal translations, along with financial translations, but also French translations of marketing texts can be differentiated as general classifications. Within these French translation specialist areas there are, in turn, many primary areas of expertise, for example, IT and computers are a part of technology, as well as natural science and medical French translations. With respect to the legal field, you can make an approximate distinction between the areas of general law, of which contract law is a part, patent law, and French translation of the general terms and conditions. In the finance field, translations in the banking field, economic field and French translations in accounting and financial statements are among the areas of specialization of a specialist translator.

Professional French Translations for Advertising

Requirements for the advertising field are somewhat different from requirements for other areas of expertise, in which formal correctness of the French translation is important. Advertising texts should be appealing and arouse interest and desire. They must also avoid negative associations, which, for instance, could arise out of ignorance of local customs or due to ambiguity, which a non-native speaker may not be aware of. For advertising texts, knowledge of language usage within the target audience, which is to be addressed using the French translation, is important. You can receive professional French translations and other translation services from specialist translators at our translation agency.