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We translate from a large number of languages and specialization fields. Our international relationship with experts and international partners in many of the fields of specialization allow us to obtain a linguistically-accurate translation in virtually any area of specialization. 

One important part of a specialized translation, specific to a sector, is mastering terminology in accordance with the needs and demands of our customers.

Thanks to specific terminology-related standards, which our clients pass on to us or which STF Traducción drafts for them (terminology management), we are able to translate slang and technical terminology in a coherent and systematic manner.

STF Traducción carries out translations in a proficient and accurate manner from a terminology perspective in the following areas of specialization

    • Automation and Robotics    
    • Automotive Industry    
    • Automobiles    
    • Construction Industry    
    • Construction Machinery    
    • Banking    
    • Construction Chemistry    
    • Clothing/Fashion    
    • Biology    
    • Chemical Industry    
    • Electrical Industry    
    • Electrical Engineering    
    • Energy Efficiency    
    • Education and Training    
    • Finances and Economics    
    • Leisure and Travel    
    • Humanities and Social Sciences    
    • Public Works Engineering    
    • Information Technology    
    • Food Industry    
    • Aeronautics
    • Machine Construction    
    • Communications and Art Mediums
    • Medicine and Pharmacy
    • Marketing
    • Furniture    
    • Food
    • Natural Sciences
    • Politics
    • Law
    • Rail Vehicles    
    • Security Systems
    • Sports
    • Textile Industry
    • Environment
    • Entertainment Electronics
    • Traffic
    • Packaging Industry
    • Military Technology
    • Machine Tools
    • etc. 


Reasons to utilize STF Traduccion’s Services:

Professional Native Translators  
Native Speakers

Each translation is checked by an Editor  
2 people are involved
Experienced translation managers verify your order 
3 people are involved

Creation of terminology glossaries 
Corporate Wording
Creation of translation memories 
Layout editing for foreign languages 
Multilingual Layout